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Originally Posted by IamLegend View Post
That's correct, but I don't trick myself into thinking I'm driving a lambo. After all, it is still a 3 series, built with 328s and 335s, a standard machine made BMW. It is not a special car.
lmao. Lambo? No. And it's an "M" series not "still a 3 series". As far as being built "with" 328's and 335's, I think it's actually produced by the M division (separate).

It may not be a special car to you but then that logic doesn't make any sense because it's obviously special enough that you took the time to not only join an M3 forum but take additional time to post 95 times on it.

You should have bought a Prius because for a guy that claims to drive an M3, you sure don't know much about it.