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My clean and simple M3!

Well I thought I'd introduce my current M3, my impressions, and the couple mods I've done to it!

Previously had a 95 JB E36, 01 LSB E46 and a 08 AW E90. This one is a 10 E92. It has absolutely 0 options which is exactly what i wanted Freaking love it

Here's a break down of the modifications on the car as of now. Just some minor simple stuff really but I love every single one of them Scroll down if you care to read about my impressions

* Eibach springs -came with the car- will eventually replace with coilovers.
* Ground Control street camber plates
* Performance friction 01 compound pads w/ titanium shims (track only/front only for now)
* Stainless steel braided lines (front only for now)
* ATE typ200 brake fluid

* LCI tail lights retrofit
* V1 hardwire
* Bunch of coding (SD guys, feel free to hit me up )

* Supersprint Sport exhaust
* Macht Schnell power pullies
* Macht Schnell stage 2 intake kit
* Macht Schnell motorsport tow strap

* 18" Volk TE37 - Formula Silver
* Hankook R-S3 - 265/285

I recently just took the car to the track for the first time. I took some pics along away and typed up a little something. Hope you enjoy the trip


Spotted this Boss 302 and 981 Boxster on the way. Gotta say I love the Boss 302. This one seemed a bit lower than stock and had some wide rubber. Looked great! And I bet it's not often he gets a thumb up from a BMW driver ^^

That's 108 in farenheit. And that's just Orange County!

@EAS. I had Macht Schnell pullies on my E90. Unfortunately 2008 6MTs have a different belt drive from all the other E9Xs so I couldn't (re)use them. Tom@EAS was very cool and just exchanged them for me! Thanks again!

Tom's car next to the Berk Technology 135i (which is for sale BTW)

Steve's Z4M coupe


Friends all-business-no-bs E46s

and E36

Dragged my friend and his Si out for his very first track day. Smoked the brakes. Turned out his master cylinder let go!! woops!

My hooptie's first track day

Oh and I also picked this up on my way up

Had to kick my E46 friend out of his own garage and put it on the car during the lunch break!

Installed pics


I got a great deal and actually went for it without even knowing what it sounds like. I figured it's a Supersprint so it must be quality. And it is! It's fully adjustable. Both brackets on each muffler can be adjusted up and down and you can also tweak how much the tips stick out.

I have it setup flush with the bumper with the tips tucked in close it. Love it!


It's like the complete opposite of an E46 M3 exhaust. It's very deep with a lot of bass from idle up to 3k-ish. Above that it sounds surprisingly close to stock although a notch louder. Definitely not the screamer type but that deep idle and low RPM presence is pretty nice! Cold start is completely outrageous and rattles the entire house!!

Track impressions with stock dampers and front race pads only:

How do I say this... Given the far from optimal setup, I was blown away by how the car performed!!

The brakes were consistent and provided a LOT of braking torque throughout the entire day - even with the screwed up bias due to having stock rears!

I felt the car slowed down a bit harder than it did with the ST60s and ST pads all around I had on the E90. Yup... It was noticeable! Again it could be a bias thing but consistency was super solid! My first time running race pads and now I know what the fuss is about!

Can't comment on rotor wear yet but this how the pads look after 7 sessions (yes I did 7 sessions in 1 day )

Not bad right?!

As for the suspension the car simply felt great! Despite being lowered on stock dampers, despite having the rear almost higher than the front (I had removed the back seats and the exhaust swap shed even more weight) the car handled awesome. I attribute this to -again- the simply awesome chassis and also to the negative camber I dialed in.

I wonder if lap times would tell a different story but there was no timing at this event and I have no baseline with the E90 on this particular track configuration anyways. In any case, it was just great as far as feel is concerned!

Coilovers are still on my to do list however I am no longer in a rush hehe
And honestly I probably won't bother corner balancing this car. I'll just set it up myself and be done with it.

Oh and 0 issues at all despite the scorching heat!

Update part2

So now that I had the correct kit I went ahead and installed my Macht Schnell pullies and Stage 2 intake kit -which I also had left over from the E90. See my original review here.

Pic of the same intake kit @ EAS. Pretty cool display rig!

Also picked up one of those tow straps while I was there.
Cool thing is you can just tug it in and put the cap back on. I might get another cap and cut a slit through it. Either way, one less thing to do at the track!

A beautifully machined piece!

The rest of the goodies

All the goodies!

A peak inside the intake manifold

And to wrap up this post; a cropped close up of the car @ Buttonwillow

Thanks for reading!

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