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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
Holy crap! 11L/100km You drive like a grandma! lol. I can't get any better than 16L/100km. My wallet is screaming everytime I pull over at a gas station

And yes, there are basically just 2 or 3 companies I believe that refine gasoline for the canadian market. So all gas is technically the same. I believe the real difference is in the additives and detergents. Each company has its own concoctions. Though I personally haven't noticed any difference in performance or fuel economy. I use petro canada often just because it's right next to my home.
I'm with you, I get 14.8 - 15.6 L/100 km with "regular" driving.

I couldn't get 11L/100km if I tried. Even when I fill up in the U.S., go straight onto the highway and drive all the way back to Toronto, I'm still in the 12's.

If someone is getting 11's, I don't think they're driving the M3 the way it's supposed to be driven!