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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Do you have a 335? i have both a a 2010 e92 n54 335 and a 2013 e92 M3 currently. The 335 is modded. i like them about the same but for very different reasons. M3 owners who have never owned a modded 335 seem not to understand this.
I do not. Spent a fair amount of time in my friends lightly tuned one, for what it's worth. As I said, they're good cars, but I prefer the M3 for myriad reasons, even though I do sometimes miss the 0-60 surge my (sold in 05) 996TT had. Didn't you get your M3 less than one week ago? Maybe your understanding of the two cars isn't as comprehensive as you think, though I respect your opinion that a well modded 335 is a very capable car (and for the 3rd time a good car in stock form too).

Anyhow, not sure why I ever stepped into this thread. In two years I'll be an F82 driver (why I signed up) and the 335-M3 silliness will hopefully be dissipating.