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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Hmmmmmmmm....I'd take it to the BMW dealership that installed it. If you have proof they installed it, you a) might be able to find out what they used b) might find out how to remove it and if not, c) might get them to cover the repair if they in fact did use a non-BMW standard adhesive.
Interesting thought and I do appreciate the advice but the car was sold new by South Motors BMW in Miami and purchased by me from Isringhausen in Springield, IL. The orginial owner traded it long distance for a C63 supposedly. Even if I was close to the original dealer I'm not sure they would be liable for anything. I would think they could make the argument that the spoiler was installed in such a way as to be permanent rather than interchangeable. Its a good thought I just don't think you'd get anywhere with that argument. I still can't understand why they didn't go with the performance spoiler to match all the other accessories