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My car is a stock 335i so many may wish to stop reading this post now....

As I read through this thread I kept remembering back to when I was married but without the three kids. Then my passion was hunting and fishing. I would fish regional bass tourneys whenever I could and read websites on boats and (gasp) mods done to make them faster. This thread reads like all of those as well...people saying they bought the right and better boat.... (my Javelin is better than your Stratos....yeah? My Triton is better than your Javelin and because I have the proper pitch and angles on my SS prop my 125hsp will wipe the floor with your 150). It all comes down to justification for our individual purchases. I could have paid for an M3 instead of a 335 and if I were track oriented I may have done so....I like the M3 styling better. Notice I wrote "I" so that does not mean the styling is better, just better to my eyes. Again "I" think that the 335 and M3 are very different cars. Stock...both cars are fast. Modded both get way faster. In the end though, very different cars. Basically buy what you want and love it everyday because we are all lucky not to be driving horse carts in some other God forsaken wasteland. I wanted to drive something everyday as I run around selling "high quality dental goods" that put a smile on my face. My car does that for me. That is enough.....mods....maybe a chip in the future for a little extra thrill....but for me....not to impress anyone else.