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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
I prefer 18 winters, since the roads around here in the winter can get pretty rugged. The 18s soak up the bumps a bit better and lessen the possibility of damage to the rims.

The real benefit of 18's are that you have more rubber to absorb potholes. It really depends on how well your local roads are maintained. Winter brings snow, rain and slush and lots of potholes that majority of the times are hidden to the naked eye until you actually hit one.

So many times I'm driving down the road and I see a conspicuous puddle of water that's actually a deep pothole but because of the water gathered in it you simply can't tell. 18" rims give you a little more cushion to absorb them. When you hit a nasty pothole - and it's happened to all of us - something has to give, it's either tire, rim or worst your suspension.

So consider the road conditions in your area as the deciding factor. But if looks are more important to you then go with 19s.