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New Pictures After KW Sleeve Kit Install!

I got my KW Sleeve Kit installed this weekend. The weather was looking good this afternoon, so I blew out of work early to take a few shots with the new Klassen M52s.

Golden Rule #1 in car modifying:
If you are going to get wheels, the car must be lowered!

I ended up lowering about 7/8" both in the front and in the rear. There is no rubbing, and it appears there are no other issues. What is your opinion on how low I have it? I'm thinking I may raise the rear a bit. I have never been a fan of the "tucked" rear tire look.

Before you handling purists get bent out of shape, I went to the track a few months ago and hated it. Roads are super flat and straight in FL, so I decided to get some 20's and lower the car. The wheels and tires are about 17 lbs. in total lighter that stock ZCP.

Here are the pics: