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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Hope all is well everyone...I last posted on here 3 months ago...hope you agreed with me...we will be be making new highs...europe was a just a distraction...metals showed the QE3 move a full month before it actually happened.

Still fully loaded with AGQ, GDX.

When the VIX gets crushed towards 10 level(not below 15 as i originally said as adjustments have to be made for QE3) and TVIX below a buck, then we are getting close to the final top...dont think "top" until well into next yr(second half most likely)...this bull run will get tired sometime next yr...then most of the easy money will be made on the short side.

Metals still have an explosive move to the upside , then it will get crushed like all bubbles eventually do.

I will be bullish until SPX takes out 1600, then I become slightly cautious...wouldnt surprise me if we touch 1600-1700 before implosion happens
Mact, if you ever become interested in trading volatility, take a look at XIV's performance since LTRO back in Nov. 2011. Over 200%. Not bad to add that gain alongside your metals

And considering unlimited Bond buying, QE3, and BOJ QE, I'm sure XIV has another 1-200% in it left till implosion.