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Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
How about: Dubai, Queensland,Nordschiefe, LeMans, or of course, I am sure there are one or two that I overlooked
Now your talking Doc
Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post

Cool rear camera perspective. Really shows you how you put distance on people on the straights after you get by them. Also shows how close people get to your bumper, like that E30 in a couple of the turns!

Is that a GoPro camera? The image quality is really great. I haven't used one before--is there some feature that makes the camera pivot to follow a certain focal point? I noticed in the Gallardo video that the camera shifts left-right and vice-versa at times.

Looks like you had beautiful weather! Glad you made the trip.

Next stop: The Glen! Do it! It's epic! Just make sure you go in July or August to avoid potential bad weather.
Yeah the GoPro works great and those guys do get on your ass in the turns I always give people a bit of space in the corners and try and close going into the straights (passing zones), but with this group you could pass just about anywhere, but didn't really feel comfortable on the new track. Though some of the view with guys on my ass were awesome though and would love to coordinate with the other footage but I'm not that tech savvy. Really loved the trip and may cut down my total track days in favor of epic tracks/treks as really enjoyed it and think we've got the perfect car for it
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