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So your question is has anyone made the transition? But it seems immediately people start comparing which is more fun to drive. I will leave that subject completely out of my response seeing as I use my 335 as a daily driver.

I had 2 M3's and now a 335. I am looking at another 335 when the model series changes. Got rid of the M3's as one was my track toy and the other the DD. Now have a GT-R and a bunch of other cars.

335 PLUS+
I like how the seats are wider and less bolstered. For daily driving I honestly dont like the damn seats holding me in tightly when its 110 out in southern california.
Much better low end torque around town.
Better gas mileage and better range.
All the same BMW electronics such and nav and things for daily business use.
Got 32k miles out of my set of tires.

335 Minus'
I would never ever track the thing. It has a basic 6 speed auto.
It sounds like crap when compared to the M3, however the inline 6 I still think is beautiful in its own nature.
Run flat tires on 335 feel like wooden wagon wheels.

All things considered, if you are seeking one car that does everything and you dont have a choice for a 2nd car, the M3 is a no brainer. However you should note that I have other toys so the 335 and M3 were driven the least of any cars I own. The current 335 now has 12k miles after 2 years. I really cant think of that many plus and minus on the 335 or the M3 to be honest. I would much rather be driving the GT-R or CGT. However, the 335 I take to vegas, throw the golf clubs in and still has decent power than when I feel the need for speed I swap. The M3 I felt was right in the middle performance wise. I went the supercharger route but it was still never enough for me. Finally settled that, I just needed a different car. Everyone likes different things but you cant go wrong with the 335 for a nice commuter with 300+ hp
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