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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Thanks you. We also have a 2012 CR-V, so this update is a nice one.

How can you be "pretty close", but still not receiving messages? It's an all or nothing thing as I see it.

According to several sources, there is a bug where the e-mails do not work properly, but the text messaging does. And since I do not know how to send a time-delayed text message to myself, I'll have to wait another twenty minutes to experiment when a friend arrives.

"Pretty close" meaning the configuration seems to be good, but I can't fully test it.

Updated: Yes, it does work (text messaging.) The instructions quoted from above are good. Except I don't think the set-it-to-auto-lock-one-minute is necessary. It received a text message about ten seconds after I pressed the top lock-button. There is no incoming chime/sound on either the iPhone nor the car's system, just the little envelope icon on the iDrive display. The voice-reading of the text message is decent, if not more than a little Cylon-like. For long drives, this will be handy because one can decide whether a text message is meaningful enough to pull over and respond, or just keep driving to the next logical stopping point.

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