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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
It got GM a bailout.

Maybe 76k as in benefits and salary factored in, i had heard higher when you account for both.

I hate to say it, but generally the teaching majors i meet are morons. I know several people who couldn't pass the teaching certification tests, best part is that i have a friend working on becoming a doctor take the certification test for fun and passed easily.

Fact is, talent goes where the money goes. If their was more money, these morons would be out of a job anyhow as more qualified people take over.
Generally I'd agree with the bolded part, but I actually think teachers (and generally government workers) might be an exception. They're unionized, so are not easily removed once inside. So you could have outside talent looking to get in, but you need to get the deadwood do you do that when they are so well protected?