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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
Yea, gotta love unions. Imagine if all doctors in a hospital one day walked out the door and said they're not working this week?

Plus, the whole poor teacher thing is a thing of the past. I heard the average Chicago teacher earns $76k per year. Average per capita in Illinois and the nation is mid-40k's. That doesn't include the fact that many teachers continue to receive a decent pension paycheck and other perks when they quit working. Maybe I'm too practical, but the whole idea of paying somebody for zero amount of work in return is a concept I have a hard time grasping. Just ask GM where the practice has gotten them.
It got GM a bailout.

Maybe 76k as in benefits and salary factored in, i had heard higher when you account for both.

I hate to say it, but generally the teaching majors i meet are morons. I know several people who couldn't pass the teaching certification tests, best part is that i have a friend working on becoming a doctor take the certification test for fun and passed easily.

Fact is, talent goes where the money goes. If their was more money, these morons would be out of a job anyhow as more qualified people take over.