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Which to buy used (M3 / 911 / c63)?

Need some help deciding. Currently looking to spend $40-$50k on a used car in the area. CPO or non-CPO, still deciding. I've come up with a list of 3 cars that I think fit my needs.

My situation
- Children: One girl (2 years) / One boy (on the way in Jan), wife has a new SUV that we use 100% of the time for going out with the kids
- car purchasing ~Spring 2013
- invited to at least 3-5 member only track days a year. Currently have to borrow my manager's Cayman S, but would like to get a track worthy car for sessions.
- only drive about 10 miles a day to work, but would primarly use this car on weekends for fun

- to be track worthy
- between $40-$50k
- obviously looking for lowest mileage / best maintained
- some sort of backseat room for car sets (if I had to transport my kids in emergency)
- not sure if CPO would help if I'm keeping this new car low mileage and if tracking the car would void CPO?

My opinions on the 3 choices I've come to...

Porsche 911 (996/997)
- Most Balanced of the bunch
- Probably quickest on the track
- Actually a good amount available in the area
- Already fimiliar with driving Cayman/911 around the track
- Best styling

- uber small backseat
- most expensive to purchase / maintain
- will probably have to buy higher mileage to get within $40-$50k range
- not sure it will pass the wife test

BMW M3 (e92) - Coupe/Sedan
- Amazing engine sound
- Backseat Room in both Coupe/Sedan
- Great track times
- Probably best daily driver

- lots of M3s around here
- becoming hard to find
- $ marked up / popular

Mercedes-Benz c63 AMG
- More amazing engine sound
- Most backseat room
- Most HP/Torque, Raw power
- Fastest strait line performance

- Auto only
- gas mileage (but, not too concerned)
- very heavy car and probably least track worthy

I've test drove all of them and love each one. But, which one fits my situation the best? Sorry for long post...
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