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18*10 ET25 Track tire choices


I did do a search and was able to find some answers but the variables (suspension, spacers etc.) were different.

I have a set of 18*10 ET 25 wheels which I run just for the track. Its a stock E90 and I intend to add -3 camber up front soon (GC Plates).

Previously I ran 275/18s front and rear. The tires are gone and before I purchased another set of Toyo R888 or R1s, wanted to know my options please:

1) What is the maximum I can stuff on these wheels without rubbing or running spacers. Can I go 285s in the front or 275s is about the limit? What about the rears? Would 295s or 305s work?

2) If I ran spacers, what would my option be then without rubbing? Again car is not lowered and running stock brakes. Basically looking for an option to run the widest rubber on a stock setup.

Thank you in advance.