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Originally Posted by Modena NYC View Post
Wow. Close one there!

What harness are you using?

Also, I notice you are short shifting before redline...doesn't seem like you need the extra revs.
Harness is the Schroth Quickfit Pro (Mini application--works for the M3--see the last 4 or so pages of the 17-page thread in this section regarding the Quickfits).

I might be short shifting a little bit at certain times, but I've found that the RPM readout on my RaceKeeper system is not entirely accurate. It seems to read a bit lower than the actual engine RPM. Which is strange, because it's pulling the data from the OBD-II port. But then again, it gets throttle position info from the OBD-II port as well, and when I'm at 100% throttle, the RaceKeeper only reads it as 75%. Must be a calibration issue. In any case, I try to shift based on the shift lights in the tach, and I get well into the yellow most of the time, with occasional trips to the soft cutout.
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