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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
Flamers wanted, but that aside, my business has gone tight cash flow so now that I have to buy a car, I am looking to spend less than the cost of a used M3 (45k versus 25-35k).

So I am looking at either a 135i or 335i coupe with a six speed. Anyone downsize and how different for a daily driver (I have only driven one 335i, and it was a slushbox).

Thanks, and again, flamers go at it. Trolls too!
first off: my sympathy/empathy, you will soon be fine even before you know it...

It's only you who will finally decide your ultimate plan, all we can do is to offer different ideas and or action plans. If I were you I would just take a 335, period. Most people will agree a 135 has less space and a class below a 3er! Well true it's lighter and will pace with a 335 but it's a 1er. Take them both for a spin and give yourself time to make up your mind
Good luck

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