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I understand that you just wanted E93 owners with the Akra axle back, but I have the Active Auto resonated x-pipe with high flow cats mated to the Akra axle back. It is a perfect sound at all RPM's. It doesn't matter if the top is up or down, it sounds great. The wife drives the car also, and she is not upset with the sound. I can only guess the Akra axle back setup will be a little calm. Hope this helps.

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Well I did and I thought it was pretty clear:

Translation: if you have an e93. and you have an akra axle-back only (i.e., slip-on only: no evolution). Please type words describing how that set up sounds when you have the top down. Ideally in the following scenarios:

cold start. warm idle. in-town driving. freeway cruising. WOT.


PS - my response was also sarcasm