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Originally Posted by cjwb1984 View Post
Hope those rumors are true, the Lexus lineup besides the hybrids need to improve on their engine choices.

The I6 is an interesting choice for a rumor considering it was in the previous gen Lexus IS/Altezza. Lexus does have history with an I6 but to create a new one, that's a lot of a R&D to spend, which I don't doubt Toyota has the capability and most importantly the money, but will they? Hope it happens.

Right now, I can't see that happening. I don't know how Toyota will be able to recoupe the cost of developing one besides the upcoming Lexus IS line up of lets say for now sedan, coupe, and maybe a convertible.

They should improve on the I6 2JZ design, that motor was bulletproof.
2JZ > 2GR.