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Originally Posted by Azurite90M View Post
Julie - Congrats on an amazing car! Your e92M looks stunning at every angle. Enjoy!!!

We should definitely start an Azurite S34 thread!
Thanks Azurite90M! The pictures of your car helped me and I would like to pay it forward by creating a thread for that color shortly. Btw, in case you didn't know, your thread also inspired another soon-to-be class of 2013 member - Koop!

Originally Posted by Twinbo View Post
Julie, it's been tough in the 2 months since I sold my e92 but your car makes it worse. Azurite is the perfect colour for the car. I'm hoping to get back into a sports car next summer and an azurite car will be top of the list (although I'm sure hard to find).
Good luck and have fun with it
Twinbo, I remember your car. Looking forward to seeing your next car!

Originally Posted by Carl Lassiter View Post
I may well be color blind, but Azurite seems to look almost identical to my Jerez Black. Am I close or way off base?

Either way, it looks great.
Originally Posted by Azurite90M View Post
You may not be able to tell between Azurite and JB in the shade. There is definitely more blue metallic flakes in Azurite. And in the sunlight, wow, the color is gorgeous!
Yup, as Azurite90M said. It's close but not the same. Azurite has these sparkly pigments in it.

You know how Jerez Black and Jet Black wouldn't look the same under showroom/sun-light? I would say there would be a similar degree of difference with Azurite. The 'tone' is not quite the same either. Jerez definitely has blue but it also has a bit of lilac in its composition, so that mixture gives it a perhaps a little bit more of a blue-violet tone. A special and unique mixture in itself.

EDIT: Here is a pic of the sparkles that is well captured:
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