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Originally Posted by Ryan_Marks View Post
This car is awesome!!! I am looking to buy an M3 Maybe this year, do you have anything interesting to share about the 2008 M3? Any problems or advantages over other models. My Father owns a 2012 e92 m3, and he drives it daily I have been in it a few times and have drove it a few hundred miles and it is freaking awesome drives better than another car I have owned.
Thank you. Honestly I'm torn about selling it. The practical side says do it and invest the money. The other side (which is winning lol) says to keep it and just enjoy the hell out of it. Honestly its the best car I've ever owned. Its not about the badge or the amount of attention it gets, its about the way it drives. As the other M owners on here can agree on, this is one hell of a drivers car and I have a big smile every time I get behind the wheel. The differences between the early models and later models is small.