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Originally Posted by LittleBlueBMW View Post
I would consider it if some of their evaluation practices have changed. They have great instructors for the most part but no formalized evaluation system for the instructors, a practice we have in the midwest.

Last time I went, they do secret grading of the students and do not share their "records." Sort of hard to improve if they will not tell you what to work on.

Also when it rained, they let people run windows up.
This and the higher cost are the 2 reasons the BMW Club has fallen from favor.

I've been told that BMWCCA mandates things (not sure) that increase cost but I wish Norcal could make it more palatable to participate.

The instructors need evaluating because some of them should not be instructing or need more instruction on instructing (nice sentence). I have seen a lot driving and lack of vision by instructors that is unforgivable. Something is seriously wrong when GGR BMWCCA says not to share video of instructors. Yikes! I have my flame suit on.

I really would love GGR BMWCCA to get back to a point where they are holding great events that don't break the bank.