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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post

...but I thought that the whole purpose of the Internet was for people who have never driven one of two cars to tell you which one is better and why based solely on the magazine articles they have read and the opinions of others...

In this case many of us have likely driven one of the cars involved, so we are probably overqualified by Internet comparison standards.

haha, is that what you think the internet is made for? To be honest, I agree with a previous poster as we can tell you what we like in the car but that doesn't really translate to what you like in a car. E.g. I thought the M3 was underpowered but some others might think it has just the right amount of power.

IMO, the internet is the ultimate conduit of information but information dissemination through reading and experience first hand is two very different products of the same idea. If you're going to spend that much money on a car, you should test drive both first and decide. Then come to us when you have a question about what color you want to make it. haha Just kidding on that last part unless you really want us to choose your ride's color.

Good luck my friend. You have two great choices and can't go wrong with either.
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