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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
I see it 180 degrees in the other direction. If the President, with the help of a complicit media, academia, Hollywood, vocal union and protest minority, 95% black vote, and 47% of the electorate already in the tank..

How is he not walking away by 20 points?

Just like the shock and awe of the 2010 elections the was a conservative landslide against everything Obama.. I'm not frustrated at all since the fundamentals of that election haven't changed except for now we have a standard bearer.
The 2010 elections were really a referendum on the economy that was just beginning to bottom out. The Democrats got most of the brunt of the fallout, but obviously the economy is a beast that takes a long time to turn around but they were the party in power.

This election is not close and was never really that close. Obama has had a large electoral lead for several months over Romney. The electoral count is gonna be a landslide victory for Obama.

As to why he isn't winning by 20 points: Politics is too partisan for a candidate to lose by that amount.

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