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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Are you angry these "disgusting, lazy, poor" American's vote counts?
Why are you using such inflammatory terms? I would invite you to scour my previous posts in this thread and point out where I have used the subjective terms such as "disgusting" or "lazy" to describe the objective state of being poor. That is an association that you are making, not me.

I'd also invite you to demonstrate where I made the argument that being poor is a state desired my many, that people would aspire to.
Having had my own father pass away just before my 3rd birthday, I have years of experience with that first hand. Rather than feeling sorry for myself and letting the gov subsidize me, I went out, busted my ass, skipped a lot of social events in high school to study so I could earn scholarships as that was my only option to get the kind of education that leads to decent job.

I dont think it's up to the government to find people a job, that's something best done by the private sector. Its up to the gov to create an environment where private sector employers can thrive so they can build their business and create new jobs. You create a hostile climate, guess what, the job creators will take full advantage of globalization.

If you need to twist things around so much to try and make your point, I have to wonder just how sound that point is to begin with.