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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Likewise, several of your "Uncle Sam handouts" deal with the elderly who have already contributed such as SS. Are you going to forfeit your SS when the time arises?
I'm not sure I will have the option, because the benefits may not fully exist in the same state they do know.
Certainly kids graduating high school today will almost certainly not have that option unless something changes.

As I've said before, the demographics are conspiring against us. That's not a left vs right thing, that's a basic math thing.

Back in the mid-60's there were 3 or 4 working people contributing to the pool of money that each retired taxpayer drew from, in terms of medicare and SS. Then, a retired person only consumed from that pool for an average of 10 years or less.

Today, that ratio has dropped in half in terms of contributors vs retired, but the average length of time a person consumes a benefit has increased by almost 10 years. These numbers are continuing in that direction. That will not sustain itself long term.

You can have 4 people supporting 1 guy for 10 years, you cannot have 2 (or less) people supporting one guy for 20 years, unless the level of support he gets is diminished, or you tax the living daylights out of those 2 working stiffs.

That is why the democratic party attitude scares the shit out of me, not because I am cruel and want grampa to suffer, but because I cant see a way the numbers can work out in the end without scaling back stuff like that drastically.

If you can offer any mathematically sound explanation for how this is not a big problem, I would love to entertain that, it would certainly help me sleep at night.