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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Updates are coming...

That intercooler design is one of many.

If may not be the final iteration, we may use something completely different.

We will be using the core which gives us the best overall flow and lowest IAT under various conditions.... especially those where the engine spends alot of time at high RPM. Pressure drop and running the blower at it's best efficiency level also make it into the equation. So a difficult balancing act.

We already know how sensitive these engines are to temperature so our aim will be to keep the inlet temps as low as physically possible.

What our testing has shown so far is that 5 PSi in the plenum with low temps will match 8 PSi with high temps (simple logical engineering).

Consistency will be everything here.

We are not interested in producing a kit which gives 560-600whp for a few pulls on the road. Much better is a kit that can produce 530whp consistently.

What we do know from our other projects is that end users hate it when they get inconsistent performance. You put your foot down once and it'! Then do it a few more times and you are sourly dissapointed.

Will update you all this week or next week latest.