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Sure you want to install that new spoiler??

A cautionary tale.

My recently purchased '11 M3 came with the Performance splitters, mirror caps, and for some reason a non matching spoiler. So, in an effort to tie things together I elected to purchase the Performance spoiler from a board sponsor. Of course, even though its a simple cosmetic part install I still read every helpful suggestion I could find here on the boards.

I decided to start out removing the offensive part using packing straps that I conveniently had a ton of wrapped around the boxes from my new wheels. This seemed like a good suggestion since the straps are stronger than fishing line and still thin enough to get between the two parts without scratching anything. After sawing like a mother*****r for 10 minutes, making no progress and completely destroying two straps in the process, I decided to apply some heat with a blow dryer. Heat, heat, heat, saw, saw, saw, no progress. Next I tried a plastic putty knife. I was able to wedge it in till it contacted the adhesive and then put my full weight behind it and......nothing. Finally out of desperation I resorted to the metal putty knife. I very carefully wedged it between the adhesive and the spoiler and with a hammer was finally able to begin to make some progress. 10 minutes of careful knife placement and hammering later I had the f****r off!

Now, I'm left with what you see below. Some sort of incredibly strong adhesive that I have no idea how to remove without damaging the paint. I've already let it soak in goof-off and had little luck removing it without pulling up paint as well. To make things even better it appears they may have sanded the paint in the area to make things adhere better. And no, the performance spoiler will not completely cover that area.

At this point I'm just considering putting the damn thing back on and selling the new spoiler. Thoughts?

spoiler before removal;

the only way this thing was coming off;

the aftermath;