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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

Same guy who was crying in that same iPhone thread about how people would have the audacity to do something besides perform verbal fellatio on Apple in that same thread.... Then comes over here and provides nothing of substance.

Hypocrisy is strong with you.
You are indeed a funny boy. As one person mentioned in that iPhone 5 thread, you yourself can be quick to be hypocritical and throw a fit when / if someone doesn't agree with your viewpoint. But you do get offended, call people turds, etc... when they don't side with your profound statements... Very hypocritical to say the least on your part!!!

Crying? I never cried about anything. I said to each their own. I mentioned I didn't like the biased ad Samsung was rolling out. I also said I didn't like the Apple versus PC ads that Apple rolled out a year or two ago. I mentioned I held the G3S, didn't like it. I do prefer the iPhone, it provides me with a stable OS, I like the design, but again, to each their own. That shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
about 48Laws postings you stated....

Ignore the guy, he's either a troll or a complete idiot, just look up his participation in the ridiculous base M3 thread or the TM/GZ thread. Either a great troll or just really stupid.
As I mentioned above, you take it to another level with personal attacks.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Yeah this happens every time a new one comes out. Every unveiling, there's massive disappointment and dissent, and they go out and buy them anyway only to preach to the masses about how much better it is than the previous one...
Biased or fanboy? Who, exactly, is disappointed? All those people that purchased 2 million phones in the first hour of sale? The projected 200 million people an independent study suggested as the number of iPhones Apple would sell by year end 2013? Or just yourself?

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
as long as the sheep keep bleating and buying the phone in the numbers they do, this is what we will get, year-in and year-out...

And honestly it's up to the competition to force Apple's hand in that regard. But the competition isn't doing so well right now so Apple can sit on their laurels.
You proclaim your not a fanboy, but the above would indicate you are somewhat biased, no? Or.... all those iPhone buying sheep are ignorant turds, correct? That IS what you are saying, right?

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

I'm curious to see what happens to battery life though. Bigger screen plus LTE equals uh-oh. At least, that's what Apple fanbois have been preaching for years now. Now that the shoe might be on the other foot, it'll be funny to watch the arguments shift.
Again, biased or fanboy?

See, I can also copy and paste just as you do. I've got time to waste, apparently you do as well...

You are correct though on the point being I should have hit the ignore button on you. I made that comment solely based on your like comment on ignoring another member.

You are incorrect, however, about the threatening part. I never threatened you about anything. If I were to threaten you, it would be putting a gun to your head, for example (not that I would) and threatening to shoot your arrogant ass (for sake of argument, your head...). That would be a threat.....

Suggest you hit the ignore button on me, as I will post where I want, when I want. That way, you won't feel compelled to get all defensive, make replies, call people turds, etc... and we will all be better off. Agreed? Good!

Now, please ignore me from now on!!! You can be the big boy and let this response to your arrogant post go unanswered, really!!!!!!