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Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
Correct. There's more power to be made, but not dependent on HAVING to run meth like other kits. The beauty of running meth with this is the added cooling benefit, no necessarily max power.
The benefit of running water / meth on our kits will also depend on conditions. If you are running in lower ambient with quality 93+ fuel you will see less of a difference than someone running higher temps with lower quality 91 octane fuel. The cooling system in the VT2 kits are very efficient, in most cases it is the added octane from the meth that the car makes a little more power on. The water cooling will very much depend on conditions. For example on a dyno where air flow to the front heat exchanger is somewhat limited you might see more of the water cooling benefit as the car is run over time but on the road at speed where the heat exchanger is getting access to a large volume of air the effect will be less noticeable.

When a car is tuned to depend on water meth to make power you will see very wide performance differences when it is on or working and not working. With proper cooling and tuning there really should never be a need to run water meth on these cars IMO unless you just want to have it as a helper. We have always made very good power on our superchargers without the use of it.