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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
You should both use the Wind Deflector.

Wind deflector+windows up, hair is fine under 80mph and you can have a perfect conversation. Less wind noise+less wind comes into the car than when driving an E92 with the windows down (way better than an e92 with the sunroof open)

Without the wind deflector, I don't like driving it top down on the freeway. This is the same with my Z4, but it's not as good as the M3. Lots of wind still gets in compared to the M3.

Without the wind deflector... then yes the hair will get messed up pretty badly.
I have the wind deflector (based on your recommendation) It does make a huge difference and I highly recommend it to anyone. But the hair still flies around enough to get the girls to complain. I guess I need to start dating girls with shorter hair??

I actually find myself driving with the top up and all windows down a majority of the time. Love that pillarless look.

I really do need to drop the top more often though.

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