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Nice recovery! That was super close. I've gone off on turn 5 trying to pass on the outside, but there's a lot of run-off there.

Hope you don't mind if I critique the rest of your video.

Good line entering turn 2, a few feet off the apex and then parallel to the sand patch on the left side before turn 3. Use more of the curb on turn 3 though, go right over it. Your turn into 4 was late, go right up on that too. There's a lot of track out on turn 4 since they extended the curbing, you should end up out there. Once there, bring the nose of the car and point it at the rightmost billboard (Coca cola last time I checked). That is turn 4 "A". Doing that will set you up so you're parallel to the next curbing on the left right before 5 (don't go on that period, but get right next to it close as possible). Turn in more on 5 - use that curb too. But overall, nice driving. I hope to see you at some events.

Edit: There is a PCA event Nov 3-4 @ NJMP, one track each day.
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