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Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
LOL. Dude, you are the one that came into the iPhone 5 post spewing crap!!! I think you have your facts wrong. As I've stated, to each their own. If anyone comes across as a zealot, it would be you and your Galaxy fanboi comments. Jeez, get a life. If you like (in your case - love) your G3S, great. People are entitled to their opinions, and choices, etc... I, as anyone, can post wherever they wish in this forum. No one appointed you the defender of the Galaxy chain of products!
Why don't you ignore me already? Isn't that what you already threatened to do? Did you even read any of my posts in the iPhone thread? None of them came out anything NEAR Android fanboi status. You are either confusing me with someone else, or you can't read. You even quoted one and agreed with the content.

In regards to people somehow being underwhelmed with the 5's announced specs:
Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
The main drawbacks IMO were that the screen was too small to benefit from such great tech, and no LTE... Those were the two absolute problems with it....

And they've both been rectified. I still would prefer 4.2"-4.3"ish for screen size, but 4" is a MASSIVE improvement over 3.5". And LTE.... I don't think I need to explain that to anyone.

On top of those two things, the hardware has received notable upgrades across the board.... So what else is left really? Is this thing supposed to cook you dinner and give you a reach around while poking you in the butt?
In regards to the people who are using spec sheets as the end-all be-all of mobile devices (which the Android camp is notorious for doing):
Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
This reminds me of the AMD versus Intel arguments back in the day, where people would use stock peak clock speeds as a lone measure of what was "faster" when in fact clock-for-clock Intel wiped the floor with them.

Look, Apple can optimize their code for a very limited set of hardware. This leads to greater efficiency which leads to not having to waste power on specs that aren't needed to run as fast and as smooth as Android on much more hungry hardware....

People need to stop staring at spec sheets and use those as a gauge of how the phone performs. Those are a halfway decent place to start, but you could have super awesome hardware in a phone and have it be a moot point if it leaks and freezes and just generally trips all over itself.... Plain and simple, iOS does not need anywhere near the same hardware specs to keep up with perceived performance on the user level. Add to that the fact that the grubby carriers insist on saddling the Android phones with crappy bloatware, and the manufacturers add their terrible, buggy, laggy, POS UIs on top of them, and it doesn't matter if you're using the flagship processor from the year 2050, it's not going to keep up.
^ That one actually is anti-Android, although the points are still valid.

Hmm, about how iOS doesn't need as much hardware oomph to perform on the level with the Android devices:
Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
This this and a thousand times this. Optimization. Period.

Now, I have had a few Android phones and have partaken in the rooting, OC/UV, mix and match kernels and ROMs, find third party apps to replace certain sucky native ones, etc... In that case, I would 100x over take the flagship Android phone at any given time over the current iP* at the time. But OTOH you can JB the iPhone as well, but if we want to talk about JB iP* vs rooted Android, we're going into the whole modded versus modded, and if we compare a rooted Android flagship to current iP*, then it's modded versus stock, etc....

Stock versus stock, Apple definitely does have the best product on the market and they will continue to as long as they have the ability to optimize their code like they can. The Android handsets don't have this luxury. The WP8 devices are also building on this concept. Once the OS has the features it needs to compete, the user experience will be much easier to deliver than it is for Android because M$ is also buying into having a narrow scope of hardware to support. Those devices will also have underwhelming specs as compared to flagship Android devices, but will probably run very very well.
^ How about this one? If I'm an Android fanboi, I must be the worst fanboi on the planet.

So ignore me, quit crying, and get your shit straight about who said what. Or just don't post. Or provide posts that add to the discussion as opposed to just fluff. Thanks.

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