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Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
Bite me. I can read. But thanks for being the forum police.....

Same guy who was crying in that same iPhone thread about how people would have the audacity to do something besides perform verbal fellatio on Apple in that same thread.... Then comes over here and provides nothing of substance.

Hypocrisy is strong with you.

EDIT: Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what the staggered worldwide release on the III was, but I know the II was out in Europe for months (maybe 5-6?) before the US saw it. Could it be the same thing this time around, hence what seems like a really early release? Maybe the US will get it later than the rest of the world? If I knew more about how the III did its release, I guess that would be an easier conclusion to come to, but I wasn't sure if its release followed the pattern of the II.

What areas does the III need work on that the IV could possibly address? Doesn't exactly seem like the III has a whole lot of shortcomings as-is....

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