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Heater / Heating interior

On top of the lack of heated seats, I'm now got the Mrs complaining that the heating in the new car is crap. No heat coming from the vents at all, even after a 30 minute run. Her Golf is in at the dealers getting some work done so she's using our E90 M3.

When I left to come back offshore, I don't think I'd used the heating to be honest if anything I was still using the AC since we rarely used the car in the evenings when it was cooler.

Question is, is there anything straight forward she can check herself? Obviously both dials are up to Max and left on 'Auto' with the wee wheel up by the Hazards rolled up to 'Red' and open but still she says it's luke warm.

I'm thinking it might be air-locked but why it might be air-locked, I don't know. Would it have had a coolant change in 3 years? Fuse maybe?

I'm kinda getting fed up with this car, every time I'm home it's in the dealer once, maybe twice for something. And I'm only home 4 weeks at a time.

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