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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
I updated my 2010 navi maps in my 2011 M3 to the 2012 Premium maps found on this thread. Im not sure if this has anything to do with the updates, but I used my NAVI twice this weekend and it took me the wrong way to both places.

For example, one place was along a highway, but the only way to get to it was to get off the highway loop around. My NAVI told me I reached my destination while going 80MPH and passing it!

It did the same thing for the next stop! It wanted to to offroad thru some bushes and a fence to get there instead of getting off the next exit (or prior) and driving to it on the side streets as you would normally.

how come every one tell me that i cant upgrade my hard drive based 2010 nav on m3 from dvds?