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So the mideast is literally en fuego across 20 countries, screaming Death to America.. and the focus is Mitt's campaign?

The Pres says Egypt isn't our ally.. but Mitt has problems?

The Administration is blaming a 3 month old video for a well-planned terrorist attack, on 9-11 no less, and the first Ambassador killed since 1979.. but Mitt is off message?

Israel states they may attack Iran within months.. buuuuut Mitt is losing the election?

- 8.1% Unemployment (43 months above 8%)
- Less jobs created this year than in 2011
- 47 million people on FoodStamps
- 1 in 6 Americans in Poverty
- $5t in new debt since Obama took office
- President's budget voted down 97-0 and 414-0
- Gitmo still open
- Drone attacks killing American citizens (and you cried about
- Gas prices doubled in 4 years
- Median income down $4,000
- 23 million either unemployed or underemployed
- Lowest workforce participation rate in 30 years
- Healthcare costs up 10% year over year in 2011
- $240k for each job created by Stimulus (3.3m)

But with a record like this - Mitt damn near isn't even in the equation. Just like 2008 was anybody but Bush or anything remotely close to him.. this year will be anybody but Obama.

Short of Mitt screamin "I hate black people" on video - Obama can't escape this record.
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