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Originally Posted by CatchM3IfYouCan181 View Post
arent those just for warmups? how many runs am i going to get out of scrubs? cuz mounted those are 300 bucks, that'd be great
For me, they last about 3-4 track days (4x 20min sessions each day) with proper camber and set up. There should be a few other threads about it re: tire life. But it will vary based on your set up, race track, etc.

Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
I can't imagine those working well for autox. They're an endurance tire that in my experience need a couple laps to warm up (on a road course).
Good point. OP: how do you warm up your tires before each session?

One thing I forgot to mention, did you already have your alignment pins pulled from your front upper mounts? If not, that can be done at a pretty low cost $100-150 including alignment as well.