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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
To your larger point though, I find Sport Plus almost undrivable. Sport is my setting of choice for casual driving because you're right that the car feels more engaging even when you're driving lazily that way, and that's nice in casual settings. But as I've gotten better on the track I've realized that Normal is the proper setting for real driving, and I now use that both on-track and for fun driving on back roads. A linear, more precise throttle is far more important to being smooth (and thus fast) than a punchy throttle. It took me a year to figure that out, but now that I have, Sport doesn't feel right to me when I'm really out to drive, and Normal feels sublime. There's something magic about the engine revs creeping just a bit higher as you move your foot just a bit deeper through a turn, which is what makes Normal actually feel MORE engaging to me in that context, whereas Sport just doesn't allow that level of refined control. I'm guessing you haven't been to the track before?

I'd recommend trying Normal on spirited driving consistently for a while. Just train yourself to have a slightly heavier foot in those contexts and you should eradicate the sluggishness you see but retain precision control. Of course being past the break-in when you'll be able to drive without ever being anywhere near those low RPMs would make Normal's sluggishness a non-issue too....

Thanks for all of the info. Your point about driving in Normal is good advice, as I agree it's clearly the most controlled/linear. So far I have tried backing off of Sport Plus in favor of sport, with some driving in Normal. At this point I'm going to have to ween off of both Sport Plus and Sport, as I have gotten accustomed to them - like a drug addict! But I am going to give it a shot, as I can see it paying off in the long run as you suggested.

For now I'm scheduled to hear the MPE on Thurs, as that might be exactly what I need. I'm excited by the prospects, as I pretty much like most other things about the car. Thanks again for your help.