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Originally Posted by gsrbri View Post
The braking program on the MDM should only activate if you are regularly achieving significant yaw in the turns, which isn't a very fast way around the circuit. That said, in my track experience, no way you can blow away a passenger-side pad set, in that short of a time, unless the caliper is hung or the pads are installed improperly. Possibly a set of stock pads at a racetrack that is hard on the brakes might disintegrate, but not racing pads.

Sounds very odd. I have gotten 8 full DE events (4 lapping sessions per event) out of my RS-19 front / RS-7 rears and they are at probably 30% remaining. My approach is typically slow-in/fast-out, so I'm very hard on the brakes. Rarely encounter fade on the two tracks I've run at (Mt. Tremblant and NHMS). I also usually run w/MDM on. Wear is very uniform all-around (four-corners).

Any more info you can provide? -Brian
I heard nothing but great things about the longevity of the pads as you have mentioned. I am not sure what other information I can contribute. I have done 3 tracks days on stock pads plus some 6k miles of driving and had never had issues. My braking didn't change from then to now. I consider myself pretty aggressive on the brakes, but that being said MDM almost never intrudes. The brand new pad was literally completely gone inside and out on the passenger side, and about 80% left on the driver side.