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Originally Posted by Slapshot9 View Post
Disagree with nearly all of your comments in regards to HP+. Not to question your abilities, but a lot of people don't know how to properly brake. IE: dont drag your brakes, change before too thin, etc, etc. Speaking from experience, as well as others posted here, HP+ can be run very effectively all day without issues. Your problems sound like isolated issues that may not be the resut of the HP+ compound. Feel free to share more details (track, length of run, track temp, lap times, etc) so we better understand your problem.
I am not sure where to begin. If you are pushing back because you own these pads or sell them...then please, do your family and conscious a favor and buy a product that is more applicable to track use in the M3. I really hope that you take my advice...and I care and worry that those who are reading this thread are going to listen to you and hurt themselves.

The HP+ has a MOT of 950F, which is about the same as stock pads. It has a very high friction at low temps relative to other street pads, which is why many people like them. A good race pad, like say the DTC70, has a MOT of 1600F+. These are high power, 4000lb cars with virtually zero brake cooling from the factory. It is inevitable that you will exceed 950F between the pad and rotor. If you've ever faded stock pads, or had them melt onto the rotors, then you will reach the MOT of HP+ pads. And the issue is the abrupt nature of what happens after that point. You don't have to take my word for it. Call Dave zeckhausen, or James Clay at Bimmerworld and ask them what a good track pad is for a begineer/novice student...HP+ is not going to be it.

There are a lot of other factors that will drive more or less heat into the brake system. A intermediate to advanced student is going to far exceed the ability of these pads within 5-10 laps in most situations. A begineer could get there as well on a fast track like TWS, or a very bad student ridding the stability system on every corner.......and if you are running these and have not yet had the experience, it's only a matter of time as you get faster - or make a mistake and suddenly need a safety net. I pray that you don't. It's your choice though.

PCA will be sending out a memo to students at some point (this is not the first time this has happened at our events) asking students to not show up to DE events with these pads. We have no way to enforcing it, but the word will spread and a few instructors out there with families will probably decide not to get into your car.