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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Thanks. I'll work at more relaxed driving. I probably need to use the straights to ease the tension a little more. So I guess more seat time helps as well. I really wanted to see if anyone did some weird meditation or yoga thing that I could copy.

I used to start out really relaxed and work incrementally up to speed after 2-3 laps. I wanna say I didn't feel as beat down afterwards. Since I've moved up to the advanced (red) group with the DE organization I run with the most. In red, as soon as you pass the grid marshall, "bitch its on!". Ain't no let's take it slow on the first lap or even in the hot pits. So you're on full attack the entire session. So this mental endurance thing has become more of an issue as of late.

I did 3 long sessions yesterday afternoon, about 1 hour on track within 2.5 hours. I played ice hockey afterwards and was doing all types of totally retarded things that I rarely make passes tape to tape to the other team. I'm always shocked at the effect that high performance driving has on me.
I'd probably shoot at my own goalie if I played hockey after a track event....