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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Fault: Bank 2 pre-catalyst oxygen sensor pumping current calibration error

Techy stuff:
* Engine temperature > K_LAVK_OBD_TMOT * Sensor temperature > K_LAVK_OBD_VK_TEMP * since recognition of overrun an air mass flow of K_LAVK_OBD_SA_ML_SUM must have occurred

Terminal condition: Engine running - status overrun cutoff

In English for you:
This fault happens when Oxygen sensor is available and communicating BUT sensor voltage > K_LAVK_OBD_SA_DIAG_OL (meaning the value reported by the sensor is higher than a preset limit imposed by the DME, therefore the signal is not within specified/acceptable ranges.)

What you should do:
1. Check plug and wiring harness to pre-catalyst oxygen sensor forward of Bank 2 catalyst (especially IA trim wire)
2. If OK, replace oxygen sensor and you should be good to go

Thanks mike,

What should I be looking for specifically? A frayed wire? Or is it something not so obvious? I say this because I would assume a frayed wire would warrant an o2 replacement anyways, no?

It seems strange that my o2 sensor went already, the car only has 36k miles on it

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