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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Now if you're a track guy - or wanna be one - then obviously a 'vert doesn't work with your self-identity
I strongly disagree with this statement.

Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
BTW - in my experience, most smokin hot babes don't like the top down - especially over 50 mph - since it messes up their hair ... but then I only have a sample pool of 1.
Originally Posted by Raz335 View Post
And as far as girls loving the top being down, I've found that a lot of girls don't like it because it messes up their hair.
You should both use the Wind Deflector.

Wind deflector+windows up, hair is fine under 80mph and you can have a perfect conversation. Less wind noise+less wind comes into the car than when driving an E92 with the windows down (way better than an e92 with the sunroof open)

Without the wind deflector, I don't like driving it top down on the freeway. This is the same with my Z4, but it's not as good as the M3. Lots of wind still gets in compared to the M3.

Without the wind deflector... then yes the hair will get messed up pretty badly.

Originally Posted by Raz335 View Post
Anything over 90 degrees is too hot for the top down IMO. You basically get roasted which isn't an enjoyable experience. Too cold is not fun either.
This I agree with

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
Never been to China have you? haha

Originally Posted by Demkay View Post
Smart Top - Best mod on market for an E93.
I strongly agree with this statement