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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
I will never understand why you guys think this is an attractive shiftknob. My Z4MC came with this when I bought it used and it went straight to the trashcan. Ugliest piece on that car and this one. I have the carbon fiber performance knob which is on an entirely different level than this.

Took me 10 minutes to cut the OEM tractor shiftknob out of the car and install the performance one.

This is too 1990 Honda CRX for me.
1) ZHP knob Black leather does not get warm in sun like some chrome aftermarket (e.g. Momo) knobs
2) OEM look of ZHP w 6 speed insert looks perfect
3) Additional 5.4 oz "heft" of ZHP knob over hollow stock plastic knob smoothes out shifts
4) Reduced height of ZHP knob over stock reduces shift throw leading to shorter shifts measured tip to tip
5) Knob shape of ZHP knob fits many/most anthropometric populations, certainly North American male 5% to 95% tile.
6) Economical price point at under $100 unilluminated

I think that about covers it. YMMV.

I opted for the non illuminated ZHP knob for $71.95 from bimmer as I just didn't perceive a benefit of illumination.

I find the new shift experience with the ZHP knob extremely improved over stock.

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