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ARC-8 wheels have a light hop after 6,000 easy miles??

The facts.

Installed APracing calipers and had 12mm spacers with stock 18" wheels.
Upgraded to ARC-8 wheels about 6,000 miles ago (1 year) with new PS2's. 245/40R18 & 265/40R18's.
Had local BMW dealer road-force balance wheels which took a while due to fine tuning balance about a year ago (<6,000 miles ago)

About 2 weeks ago I notice slight vibration again in the stearing wheel about 76-82mph. Amplified vibration under normal to hard breaking on freeway.

BMW dealer spent two days road force balancing again. Vibration manifests itself at about 82mph. No amplified vibration under breaking. Dealership tech noticed rear wheels had a slight hop to them while on the tester.

Haven't hit any hard bumps or pot-holes that I would think could have bent the wheels. No damage, nothing of the sort.

What is strange is when the tires were brand new, dealership was able to almost zero out the vibration. Only after 6,000 or so miles of easy driving, same dealer, same tech, same road-force balancer can't get the vibration out.

Dealership said they have a contract tech that can fix wheels but how do you fix a almost brand new wheel that never suffered hard enough impact to cause this?

I'm guessing the wheel(s) were never really completely hop-free or at least well within tolorance to zero out.

Is this something ARC would cover since the wheels are less than a year old?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Thank you!!