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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
To answer some questions, here goes:

1. No to the Z4M, fun to drive but to small for me and I have a hard time getting out.
2. Not a young guy chronologically (51)
3. I will die before I buy an econobox.
4. I am a small business owner and this year cash flow is off 20%. Looking to save some money so I am doing the usual, including refinancing to 3.36% on the house and looking to lower monthly nut on car from $760 to mid $500.
5. Most of the 08 M3s I can afford have 40k+ miles and no warranty. When you add in sales tax and a decent warranty I am looking at 50k. I can get a cpo 335i for 35k and a 1 series in the high 20ks.
6. I drive alone 95% of the time, and 4.5 with one other person, so back seat is nit an issue (plus my wife has an SUV and my corvair seats 5!

Penfed has 1.74% on 60 months with a balloon payment so I have some options,
Agree with #1. Thats why I moved over to the M3. Much more room and comfort.

The other thing is does it have to be a car? SUV? I have a midlevel X5 and love it. Tons of room and rides awesome. I would not go with an X3 as they are for the tiny club. I tried them and it was like a Z4MC. No room and I was crowded.

I would go with what you want. 135 may work for you.

Good luck.