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Code P2629 - Oxygen Sensory Pumping Current

Oxygen Sensor
Pumping Current
Trim Circuit/Open
Bank 2 Sensor 1

Before i go and buy a new 02 sensor, there is a couple things to note:

I went the cheap route and bought the topspeed xpipe off ebay. Well, turns out i may be paying for it now. When installing the x-pipe, the passenger side exhaust tube, primary sensor o2 bung (am i correct in assuming this is "bank 2 sensor 1"??) had a poor welding job and a giant chunck of metal welded inside one side of the 02 bung. As a result, the 02 sensor would not fit in. I sat there for hours filing it down, untill it fit. It ended up fitting but it was pretty tight. Now, almost 3 months later, this code pops up, on the first cold day since i installed the x-pipe.

My question is: do i need to remove the x-pipe and file down the metal even further? My guess is that perhaps the 02 sensor is not getting a complete reading, since maybe 20% of one side is essentially "resting" on the "chunk of metal" that i filed down inside that o2 sensor bung. Am i correct in saying the readings from the 02 sensor come from the sides of the probe and not the very top portion?

I also installed the BMS DP Fix, however, I emailed terry and he said that this code can not be related to the DP fix.