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Originally Posted by upstatedoc
So this has nothing to do with BMW's, hence the reason it is in OT.

We had a '07 Acura MDX that was totaled last may in an accident (everyone's ok). We followed all the procedures to cancel the Ins. and forfeit the plates. So we get a parking ticket in the mail from NYC dept of finance saying the vehicle is parked on city streets with no plates. My wife jumps through all the hoops to get this dismissed including documents for an online "hearing". Well, we just got another ticket in the mail last week for the same thing. Different time and location, no plates again. Our Ins. company is no help, DMV says they cant do anything and NYC Dept of Finance wants my wife to do another hearing!!

Has this happened to anyone else and how did you resolve it?
I would think you got a check, or some form of documentation if totaled. And I would push back at the insurance company. If they totaled the car, they should have some documentation stating the car was totaled. There has to be a record somewhere.

Several months ago, I got hit with a bill collector trying to collect on several false burglar alarms on a home I owned. At the time of the false alarms, I had sold the house FIVE YEARS previously. The collector and Harris County both wanted proof I had sold the home. I told them to prove I hadn't, they have their tax rolls, figure out who owned the home and go after the correct party. Two weeks later it was resolved. I didn't provide anything. Perhaps irrelevant to your case, but, I would push back, also wouldn't take no from the insurance company. Police report? Talk to another insurance company, see if they can offer some suggestions. Good luck!